What is Transition Year?

  • Transition Year (TY) is a one year school based programme that all students undertake in 4th Year in OLM.
  • It is designed to act as a bridge between between Junior and Senior cycle.
  • TY is compulsory in OLM.

OLM Transition Year Aims:

  • Maturity: To give students the opportunity to grow and mature.
  • Key Skills:  To equip students with information and skills, to enable them to make well informed decisions regarding:
    • Which Leaving Certificate best suits their needs and abilites.
    • Which subjects they may need to choose at LCE depending on where they wish to progress after OLM.
    • Deciding on whether their progression route involved third level, further education or the world of work.
  • Ownership: To help students to be more responsible for and to take ownership of their learning
  • Self Confidence: To develop confident, competent and independent thinking young people.
  • Purpose, direction and Motivation: To create enthusiasm for learning and a greater autonomy in students’ own learning.

Teaching Methodologies in TY:

  • TY is learning led and not exam driven*
  • Students will, over the course of the year develop more independent learning skills and therefore the ways in which they are tauhgt and learn will also change.
  • There is more emphasis on active and collaborative learning rather than traditional teaching methodologies that you might associate with school.
  • Students learn through experiencing, witnessing, analysis and partaking.
  • Teachers will allow students more autonomy in the learner experience as they are free from the shackles of an exam-based curriculum.
  • Almost without realising it, students are being taught the skills they will need to succeed at senior cycle.

* The exception is in the Core Subjects of Irish, English and Mathematics. Experience has taught us that continuity of structure in these core subjects helps TY students in all areas of learning and better prepares them for senior cycle.

The Transition Year Calendar

Is based on Work Experience, Significant Learning Experiences and Sessions

  • Work Experience:
    • All students will complete work experience one day per week. 
    • Students and their employer keep a record of their experience.
    • Mentors check in with students and employers to ensure attendance and to chart students’ progress.
    • Credits are awarded for work experience. 
  • Significant Learning Experiences:
    • These can be off-site activities or special workshops organised for the students in school.
    • Students may experience the Significant Learning Experiences as a class group or a year group depending on the suitability of the activity.
    • These experiences will act as practical aid to what is being taught in the classroom.
    • Details of these experiences are posted in the school calendar insofar as possible.
    • We do our best to begin and complete each TY year with a major significant event such as a bonding trip or overnight trip. 
  • Sessions:
    • Depending on the number of classes in each TY group there will be two or three sessions.
    • Students receive tasters of as many subjects as possible on a timetable that are rotaed either once (two sessions) or twice (three sessions).
    • The sessions are important as it allows students to sample modules and subjects that might otherwise be taught at Junior or Senior Cycle. 
  • Opportunities:
    • A wide variety of extra opportunities are available to Transition Year students throughout the year.
    • Students will be encouraged to participate as much as possible.
    • Descriptions of these opportunities are explained to students and texts sent to parents encouraging students to make the most of these special opportunities they might not otherwise be given. 

 Assessment in TY:

  • Students are graded on their coursework, participation & attitude, and attendance in class on a continuous assessment basis.
  • All subjects will be worth 5 credits per session. The 5 credits should be awarded for the following:
    • 1 = 90% attendance
    • 1= positive attitude and participation in class
    • 3 = all coursework completed
  • Students will sit Christmas & Summer Exams in English, Irish and Maths.
  • Students receive credits for their TY portfolios and for completing Work Experience.
  • Students will receive a certificate after each session.

Reports will be completed by subject teachers after each session and are posted on the school’s VSWare system. 

End of Year Awards

  • Students will be recognised for the hard work and dedication they have applied throughout the year.
  • Teachers will vote for the students who excelled in the following areas: Leadership, Work Experience and Community Spirit.
  • The TY teachers will also vote for the Class Student of the year.
  • Year Heads consult with teachers for students to be nominated for special awards in Trinity College, known as the TAP awards.
  • The top TAP award is the TAP sterling silver award.
  • Students will also receive certificates that they have been awarded throughout the year such as Gaisce, TAP and many more.


The three categories of award are
Distinction     85-100%,
Merit              65-84%,
Pass                40-64%.

There are Four elements within the certification system

Subjects; this includes attendance, positive attitude and coursework completed


TY Portfolio 

Work Experience Placement

Students will receive a certificate indicating their results in each area and their overall award.  Students will also receive a wide variety of certificates acknowledging their participation and achievements in various activities. 

Graduation & Exhibition
At the end of Transition Year students participate in a graduation ceremony. This will be a celebration and acknowledgement of the work carried out during the year. Students display their individual and group work. Teachers assist students in creating displays of the work carried out. Students will put together a short film showing all the highlights of their year. Students receive their awards and certificates will be presented. The Student of the Year award will also be announced.