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Trinity Access

OLM Drimnagh is very proud to be part of the Trinity Access Programme.

The mission of  Trinity Access is to work in partnership across the education sector with students, teachers, families, communities and businesses to widen access and participation at third-level for under represented groups.

The most up to date data shows that average progression to third-level in the D12 area stands at 40%. Programmes like Trinity Access allow students in OLM Drimnagh to surpass that average and we currrently stand at 49.3% (2018-2021 data).

Trinity Access also works with students and the school to broaden horizons for all areas of progression. It is one of the reasons that 96.3% of students in OLM Drimnagh now progress to either third-level, Colleges of Further Education, Apprenticeships or the World of Work.

The Trinity Access Schools Team provide a range of supports and activities for the students and staff inOLM. For more information click here.

Trinity Access student activities all reflect our three core practices;

  • Pathways to College
  • Leadership in Learning
  • Mentoring

Teacher resources include lots of ideas and lessons to run in classrooms. Teacher events allow teachers in OLM to work with, and learn from, other teachers, to share challenges and solutions and to be part of a vibrant community of practice.

Schools of Distinction programe:

OLM Drimnagh is proud to have been awarded the Trinity Access School of Distinction for Transformation Award in 2023 and 2024.  For more information on this please click here.