Extra Curricular

OLM Drimnagh has a proud history of extra curricular activities. We offer sports, academic and music activities.

Our main sports are basketball and soccer, where we have a number of junior and senior teams registered with Basketball Ireland and the FAI to play in schools’ competitions. Other activities that run in-house throughout the school year include badminton, basketball, soccer and unihoc blitzes and we pride ourselves in having an active school.

Music is an integral part of our school curriculum and all junior groups partake in the school choir for school events such as religious ceremonies or annual celebrations at Christmas or end of year graduations. Teachers join in to accompany the choir on various musical instruments.

2024 will see OLM Drimnagh present its first ever musical, when our TY students produce GREASE the musical. Be sure that it will an unforgettable experience and we can’t wait to see the final production.

Academically, we run a supervised after-school study two days per week, free of charge to students. Students of all year groups are encouraged to attend, especially those in exam years.