The Transition Year students put on quite the evening for their TY Graduation. The celebration included an exhibition which featured stalls representing each subject and a graduation ceremony. The students exhibited their work, displaying pieces, campaigns & projects they had worked on throughout the year. It was very evident to see that the students were really proud of all they achieved throughout the year.

Parents, teachers & students then gathered together to see the students graduate from their Transition Year. The ceremony was an opportunity to again celebrate the students talents and achievements with many students standing up to present and explain projects they had worked on throughout the year such as amnesty, active flag & 98fm podcasts.

The students were an absolute credit to themselves & their families. A huge congratulations to all the students who graduated from TY and all of those who got special recognition for going the extra mile. The first ever Transition Year in OLM would not have been such a success if it wasn’t for the students engagement & enthusiasm for the programme. Well done to the TY Class 2015-16graduation invitation

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