Our TY Sports Science class visited Ballymun Comprehensive School on Wednesday 23rd September. The students took part in a workshop lead by Paddy O’Reilly and the Ballymun Comp PE Department. The workshop was about GCSE PE, which is a PE qualification that is recognised in countries around the world including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and many more.

It is our hope that all the OLM students studying the Sports Science programme will receive this PE qualification by the end of their TY year.Currently there are only 6 schools in the country, now including OLM, who offer this.

The students will sit a written exam in May which will account for 40% of their final grade. They will also be assessed on practical elements of the course such as sport specific performance, coaching, sports analysis and the development and execution of a personal exercise programme. This will account for 60% of the final grade.

We believe that we have many talented sports men and women in OLM and believe that they should gain recognition for their talents. This PE qualification will stand to all our students especially if they intend on seeking a career in sport.

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