On Tuesday 1st March, Class Eilish and the Sports Council welcomed a group of Danish secondary school students to Mourne Rd. Lauren Buchanan, Jordan Bowden and Thomas Keane lead a presentation to inform the Danish students of school life here in Ireland. Lauren has written a small piece about the afternoon below:


On the 1st of March, a group of  Danish students visited our school. A few of our students volunteered to do a presentation for the Danish students and they had a presentation prepared for us. We then had a chat with the students to get to know their education system and hobbies. Then we played a game of rounders Irish vs Danish! After the game we all had a cup of tea and some of us exchanged emails to keep in touch. None of this would have went ahead without some of our Sports Council members they helped make the presentation and decided what to do with the Danish to keep them entertained.

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