About us and our values

At OLM Drimnagh we try to ensure that we follow all of these values.

  • Promoting Spiritual and Human Development.
  • Achieving Quality in Teaching and Learning.
  • Showing Respect for Every Person.
  • Creating Community.
  • Being Just and Responsible.

We are a DEIS School and we strive to Deliver Equality in Standards every day though these values. Our Code of Behaviour is based around the 3Rs of ‘Be Ready, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible’. We expect that every member of our community is treated with respect; Staff, Students and Parents and that everyone shares responsibility for our school community. We believe in Social Justice, so that everyone is treated equally and fairly.

Our Teaching & Learning is whole-school and based on the principles of Assessment For Learning. Teachers share Learning Outcomes with Students at the beginning of a lesson and understanding is checked at the end. As we continue to improve in this area, we are introducing a common approach to lesson structure, team teaching will continue to develop and our new Teacher Support Scheme will see some members of staff observing each other in the classroom and giving feedback to each other. All of this will serve to continuously develop our quality in Teaching and Learning.

We have a wide range of ways to promote our Spiritual and Human Development, for example through our School Ethos, full-time Career Guidance Counsellor, part-time volunteer counsellors, S.P.H.E. Programme, Friends For Youth Programme, Warrior Programme and Mindfulness Programme to name but a few. Our new Student Council will join the well-established Sports’ Council and Green Schools’ Committee in giving our students more ownership of their school. This year our first year students will undertake our new wellbeing programme and our TY students will be involved in numerous modules and projects such as Development Education to enhance their understanding of the wider world.

Our motto is ‘Shaping a Brighter Future for Our Young People’. We have a range of supports in place such as our Parents’ Room and excellent Parents’ Council. We have an excellent range of programmes in place such as Junior Certificate Schools Programme, Transition Year, Leaving Certificate Applied and Leaving Certificate Established. We are also involved with the Business Link Programme and Trinity Access Programme (TAP), as well as many other links in our local community. Our Home School Liaison Coordinator is a huge asset to maintaining positive links with our parents.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular activities in the areas of sports and music. I look forward to developing our community further so that we have as much support in place for our students as we can. I would ask as many parents as possible to become involved in our Parent’s Council to help us in this area.

Pádhraic Gibbons


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